Tommy Oxford

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About Me

Welcome fellow internet dweller to my personal oasis here on the web! If you’re reading this and have absolutely no idea who I am, allow me to properly introduce myself.

My name is Tommy Oxford and I’m a freelance journalist and podcast host specializing in the fields of entertainment and pop culture. I’ve been writing off and on for quite some time and have a variety of experience ranging from various websites!

In the past I’ve written for sites such as Strange Kids Club, Substance-TV, as well as a few others, but my most prominent role was over at Geeks World Wide or simply now as just GWW for short! As a part of the GWW family I was able to really hone my skills as not just a journalist and cover a variety of content but also I was able to get into the field of on-air work as podcast host.

Though I thoroughly enjoyed my time over at GWW and still have a great relationship with the staff and crew, I unfortunately had to step away from writing and focus on my personal life, so I haven’t written much as of late, but I’m back and ready to focus on this more than ever now!

Currently my content will all be posted here unless noted otherwise, so I hope all of you that followed me in the past will continue to follow me in the future as I jump back into this realm and give it all I have!

If you would like to keep up to date with my work or just want to see what I’m up to, you can follow my Twitter HERE