Tommy Oxford

Pop Culture Journalist & On-Air Personality

Hello & Welcome!

My name is Tommy Oxford, and I’m a pop culture journalist as well as an on-air personality from a small town in Arkansas! I’ve been writing about everything within the world of pop culture for six years and doing on-air podcasting for about one year in total!

Over those six years, I’ve had the opportunity to write for a wide variety of websites and share my thoughts and opinions with various audiences. I’ve contributed articles to Strange Kids Club, I was a writer for Substance-TV, and most recently I was a member of Geeks World Wide, or simply GWW for short!

I love being able to write about things I’m truly passionate about and engage in conversations with various people through the sites I contribute to. Whether I’m talking about the next big movie to hit the screen, a new video game, the newest bit of technology, or even just a comic book. I always try to write within a way to engage the reader and start up a dialogue. Writing is my passion and it’s something that I see myself doing for a very long time.

Though writing is and will always be, my first love. Upon joining Geeks World Wide and getting the opportunity to become an on-air personality and join some of their podcasts. It’s made me realize that I love being able to get behind a microphone and talk about things just as much as I love writing about them, if not more! I’m now trying to branch into more on-air/broadcasting roles in the future but still, plan to keep my foot planted firmly on the writing side of journalism!

I hope you enjoy my website and all the content I have, if you wish to, you may contact me using the contact form at the very top of the page or by simply getting in touch via my Twitter


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