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Recent Articles & Appearances

Below are a list of my most recent articles & appearances for other websites! This will be updated with new content periodically


4-23-16: The New Rita Isn’t So Repulsing

12-30-2015: Cemetery Without Crosses (A Retro Review)

11-23-15: American Horror Story Inspires Latest Release From Johnny Hacknslash

9-6-15: Comic Book Accompaniment  In Wednesday Original Comic Book Score

4-20-15: Nerd To The Core With El-7ven

2-6-15: The Shop Spotlight: Arsenal Comics & Games

2-3-15: Morphing Into….A Murder?

1-22-15: It’s Morphin Time! Is The Power Ranger Movie In Jeopardy?

1-21-15: PixelJunk Shooter: Impressions

1-31-14: Ninja Rap Is Back With Emcee Sulfur’s TMNT Themed Album

12-29-14: Is It Worth The Risk? We Review “The Interview”

12-25-14: Best Of 2014 List

12-8-14: Recasting The Crow Reboot

12-10-12: Fan Made Street Fighter X Mega Man Game Gets Green Light From Capcom

12-5-12: Nerdcore Artist Dr. Awkward Celebrates DC Universe With New Mixtape



9-7-15: Geeks On Screen: Ep 26, Fear The Kingpin’s Criminal Spy Interests

8-28-15: Geeks On Screen: Ep 25, Summerslam’s Hunger For Lucifer’s Orphan

6-10-15: Geeks On Screen: Ep 20, Summer 2015 Preview

6-1-15: Geeks On Screen: Ep 19, Bad Movies/Shows We Love

5-18-15: Geeks On Screen: Ep 17, Spy/Agent Movies & TV Shows

5-11-15: Geeks On Screen:Ep 16, Post-Apocalyptic

4-6-15: Geeks On Screen: Ep 12, Cars/Racing Movies & TV Shows

3-16-15: Geeks On Screen: Ep 9, Friday The 13th Horror Show

2-9-15: Geeks On Screen: Ep 5, Reboots/Remakes

2-7-15: Geeks On Screen: Ep 4, Heroes & Villains

1-26-15: Geeks On Screen: Ep 3, Shows & TV Shows That Made You A Geek

1-19-15: Geeks On Screen: Ep 2, Cancelled Shows & Movies

1-12-15: Geeks On Screen: Ep 1, 2014 In Review

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